TechScribes uses Adobe InDesign for professional layout of book projects. We take your Microsoft Word document and help you transform it into the book that you envision. Our end product is a file that you can take to the printer of your choice. We can set the book size, adjust margins, add headers and footers, select fonts, and tailor the book to your specifications. Don't know what you want? We are happy to make suggestions. We work directly with printers and know their requirements. We can advise clients on steps they can take to minimize their printing costs, and familiarize them with some of the choices that they will have in the printing process. In short, we can help you through the self-publishing process and make your book become a reality. Contact us for a quote.


Some examples of TechScribes book layouts:


Living the Full Bible by John J. Turner

The Non-Standard PFC by Marshall Trieber

Drawn From My Life by Susan Morrison

LiLi Knits: Knitting Humor by Arlene e. Lee

Learn to Knit Doll Clothes by Arlene E. Lee

Convention Trip Guides for the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 National Railway Historical Society conventions.