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The Heavener Sub: History Through the Miles by Dr. Barton Jennings

The Heavener Subdivision (210 miles of railroad track from Pittsburg, Kansas to Heavener, Oklahoma) is a favorite line among many rail enthusiasts. It passes through the Ozark Mountains, a major attraction for railfans, but a major challenge for railroaders. A combination of heavy traffic, country scenes, and small towns allows those who follow the line to get to know it well. However, its isolation from major roads and cities can make it a hard attraction to follow.

The Kansas City Southern is one of those railroads that almost everyone has heard about. Every few years, a major magazine article will cause an influx of new visitors, but these peaks seem to last only a short time. A few books have been written about the railroad, but details about the Heavener Subdivision are sparse. The merger between the Kansas City Southern and Canadian Pacific has led to renewed interest, and an increase in questions by those wanting to know more about the railroad. In particular, the mountain regions of the Heavener Subdivision are major attractions for those looking for railroad action.

All of this interest has led the author to dust off earlier drafts of this book and update it for those who want to know more about the Kansas City Southern's Heavener Subdivision. The book is designed to provide a history of the construction of the line as well as its current status, and provide a mile-by-mile route guide, helping to answer the questions of "Where are we and what once happened here?"

This is the 14th book in the History Through the Miles series by Dr. Barton Jennings.

ISBN: 978-1-7327888-8-6

Retail price: $34.99

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